Resources help to produce goods so they have economic value. Resources have three main characteristics: utility, quantity (often in terms of availability), and use in producing other resources.

The Jacksonville Urban League Entrepreneurship Center and it's resource partners strive to meet the above definition through collaboration and communication. This section provides basic ingredients for business and provides the needed direction to obtain the necessary resources to grow your business.

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Top Small Workplaces
For many companies, tough times end up pushing the work environment to the back burner. But other companies commit to employees' well-being and development, which can pay off handsomely -- both now and in the future.

Like many entrepreneurs, J.W. Hulme's owners borrowed heavily to fuel growth. Now the credit crunch has thrown the company -- and its owners lives -- into a spiral.

Discounting is a strategy high-end restaurateurs have traditionally avoided or carried out in subtle ways. But this winter and spring, an unprecedented number of fine-dining restaurants slashed their prices.