Welcome to the Jacksonville Urban League Entrepreneurship Center

What does the Entrepreneurship Center do?

The Entrepreneurship Center assesses the needs and capabilities of minority business owners in the Jacksonville area. Then those aspiring or current business owners are linked with resources, classes, training and counseling that will help them grow to the next level of success. Each person contacting the JEC will receive an initial assessment of their needs. Then they will be matched to the appropriate resource or service that meets those needs. 

The Center provides community wealth building and job creation strategies in the urban area of Jacksonville where opportunities are stagnant. Training, workshops, individual counseling sessions bring together entrepreneurs, financial institutions and other affiliates and partners to ideate and initiate capital investments that improve the community’s quality of life, particularly in asset poor households.  

In addition to advocating for small business growth, the    Center provides financial literacy, home ownership and financial counseling workshops and supportive economic enterprises to aid individuals in realizing their personal economic goals.  

What kind of services are offered by Resource Partners?

Many resources are available in the Jacksonville area to help start or expand businesses. The list below highlights the most frequently requested services:

  • Business planning
  • Financial resources and assistance
  • Franchising
  • Legal services
  • Libraries and research organizations
  • Management issues and training
  • Manufacturing, high tech and life sciences development
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Nonprofit development
  • Office, laboratory and meeting space
  • Product development
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Selling to the government and large corporations
  • Tax services
  • Technical assistance

One on One Coaching and Guidance

The one on one mentor sessions provide the client with business support and guidance. Staff and coaches assess the situation and assist the client to determine what their next steps should be. The benefits to the client are access to resources and opportunities to develop new skills or enhance existing ones. The Center combines direct entrepreneurial skills development and assistance from business mentors with targeted resource referrals to insure that the assistance received by the client is specific to their needs.

How can I get assistance with my business?

Contact the Jacksonville Urban League Entrepreneurship Center at 904-723-4010 or info@jaxulorg.

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